Global 1080 Business Solutions
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We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine the right support level for your business. Our experienced team averages over 60 years of combined relevant experience with companies such as Motorola, IBM, AT&T, EDS, Nextel, McCaw Communications, BrightStar, SK&F and Beckman Instruments amongst others.

We have vast experience with companies operating within challenging environments with resource limitations, highly competitive scenarios or depressed economic conditions. Our team is intimately familiar with a vast array of industries and diverse functional areas. From the manufacturing floor to retail stand. We understand your situation and will provide diverse solutions and options that will fit your budget, desires, timelines, and expectations.

We are your business solutions partners!

  • No cost initial consultation
  • Flexible consulting fees
  • Personal account manager
  • US, Caribbean & Latin America
  • Multiple Industry experience
  • Flexible and accessible
  • Consultant network in over 12 countries 
  • Multilingual resources
  • Extensive Partner network
  • Work permits in multiple countries

Here at Global 1080 Business Solutions, we are dedicated to you and all your different business consulting needs. We account for over 60 years of combined and diverse experience that ranges from business opportunity assessment to planning, implementation/start-up and management.

Our philosophy is simple, be knowledgeable, flexible and accessible to your clients. Your success is our success!